Choosing the Right Rhode Island Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy can be a painful and tedious process, and one in which you will benefit from expert advice and representation. Choose your bankruptcy attorney carefully to increase the chances of the success of your case.

When you are faced with financial dilemma and you feel that it is better for you to just declare that you are in a bankrupt status, you need to have someone who can purposely and effectively represent you in court. Hiring the right RI Bankruptcy lawyer is a smart move and it could be a major factor for the approval of your petition. Be guided with these tips on how you can choose the most suitable bankruptcy lawyer for you.

Guide to Bankruptcy Attorney Selection

  • The education is of the utmost importance. There is no other thing more important than the formal education of the lawyer. There is actually no need to be a graduate of a prestigious university but if you can hire one that is a product of an IV League institution, then you are assured that he knows 99% of what he says and does. He must also be a bar passer and must have a professional license to practice law.
  • A Google search does half of the work. When you Google the best RI bankruptcy over the internet, you will be able to see a list of law firms and private practices that cater to this kind of legal work. Doing this saves you valuable time than calling different law firms without having a sense of why you are contacting them or what makes them unique among others. Pick at least three of the best lawyers you have seen and jot down their contact information. Decide which one is the best according to the feedbacks that you have read or heard. Then, contact him to set an appointment so you can discuss the details of your bankruptcy petition.
  • Always consider the costs. The usual rate ranges from $1,200 to $1,500 but there are some lawyers who consider the complexity or simplicity of their client’s case and may charge you higher or lower than the typical amount depending on their assessment. Ask around if the price quoted for you is fair. Normally, the total amount charged shall cover the filing fee and the appearance fee. If not, turn your back and look for another lawyer. Certainly, there are others who are worth your time and won’t cost you more money and can still give you quality service.
  • If you have assets or properties that you want to be protected, have a thorough discussion with your lawyer on how he intends to go about that. He should be able to present you with a tangible and realistic methodology in representing and defending your side to the court.
  • The number of years of practice is also a determinant to the lawyer’s expertise. Choose someone who has at least five years of experience in the field of RI Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Also inquire about the number of his cases he won versus the ones that he lost. This is important as his performance in past cases forecasts his ability to give you victory over your petition.